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Herbal Detox

Milk Thistle • Artichoke • UAF1000+ Superfooods

90 Capsules
1 review
  •   Stinging Nettle Best Kidney Detoxifier
  •   Milk Thistle for Proper Liver Function
  •   Detoxify Heavy Metals from the Blood
  •   Improves Organ Function


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Detoxify Heavy Metals

With its main ingredient of milk thistle, these herbal detox capsules will help cleanse your body, offer better physical strength and mental clarity, and even boost your energy through proper sleep cycles. Support your liver, kidneys, and large intestine by helping safely and effectively cleanse your entire body from head to toe.

Total Cleanse

Improve Liver Health

Flush Kidneys

Cleanse Your Cellular System

This is the best herbal detox cleanse because it is 100% natural. Relying on antioxidants, fiber, and more, your body will be as clean as a whistle without any chemicals. Our livers are chronically overworked. This will help balance its workload. Detoxing your kidneys will also help prevent build-up that can mean improper filtering.

Supports a healthy gut

Our gut determines our metabolism rate and maintains our digestive tract. These herbal detox capsules contain all-natural ingredients that will help support our liver and kidneys and further support proper all-inclusive gut health at the same time.

How to Use

Take 3 capsules per day for the best results!

Herbal Detox


FAQ about Turner Herbal Detox

  • Does detoxing make sense?

    Yes! Our body can naturally detox itself, thanks mainly to the large intestine, the liver, and the kidneys. However, our modern-day diet means all of these are working full-speed already, and things will get missed - like detoxification. Giving your body additional support helps prioritize this important cleansing cycle.

  • Short-term detox regimen or long-term dietary change?

    Short-term cleanses are often difficult and uncomfortable, plus their effects are short-term. The best herbal detox cleanse is a lifelong charge to your diet. A focus on hearty, “real” foods, combined with these herbal detox capsules can help your body work at its best long-term.

  • What positive effects can detoxing have on you?

    Detoxing gives you many benefits, including increased immunity, elimination of toxins and free radicals, boosted energy, weight loss, and better metabolism.

  • What are bitter substances and why do we use them in our detox capsules?

    Artichoke, dandelion, and pine bark belong to bitter foods and have mainly a positive effect on digestion. This is an important building block for the body’s gut health. Since most don’t like to eat bitter foods, working them into supplements gives all of the benefits and none of the taste.

  • What are the ingredients in TURNER Detox Capsules and how can they be supportive?

    The ingredients are Milk Thistle Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Burdock Powder, Dandelion Root, Stinging Nettle, UAF1000+ Superfoods (Pine Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Red Grape Skin Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Blackcurrant Extract, Boysenberry Extract, Fulvic Acid). These active ingredients help to support the liver and other organs to safely detox the body on a daily basis.

  • When should I use Herbal Detox?

    Ideally, every single day! Or, you can take it when your body is feeling sluggish and in need of a reboot.

  • Can I still do the detox, even if I don't want to lose weight?

    Yes, TURNER Herbal Detox supplements can be taken every day for the best effects.

  • How do I maintain my results after the detox?

    Pair a detox with a lifestyle change, focusing on proper hydration, exercise, and wholesome healthy organic foods that will nourish your body on a daily basis.

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Suzanne F.
United States United States
First time trying milk thistle, so far, so good

Detoxication of body is such an important phenomena. I am impressed how this extract does that. I could feel the difference within first few days. Highly recommend that specially considering its vegan too.