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TURNER® New Zealand Gourmet Collection

World-famous, aquacultured, wild TURNER Whole Shell Mussels and deep-sea, wild-caught, chemical-free TURNER Calamari from the cool, crystal-clear, unpolluted ocean of New Zealand. 100% grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free TURNER Lamb, TURNER Beef, and TURNER Venison raised on the lush green pastures of New Zealand.

Noel Turner Pioneer and Legend
NZ Mussel Industry

Noel's Story

New Zealand - Whanganui 1955: Noel Turner was born into a third-generation fishing family and grew-up on the ocean and in the bush. Noel left school in 1971 at 16 years of age and started his own fishing business catching and selling fish. Noel then went on and pioneered the New Zealand Greenshell Mussel Industry in the 1970s; he started dredging black mussels in the Marlborough Sounds in 1972, then pioneered the aquaculturing of Greenshell mussels in 1976, then processing them in his factory in 1978, then shipping and exporting the first container of Greenshell mussels ever out of New Zealand to the USA in 1982. Back in the 1970’s, New Zealand Greenshell mussels were an unknown shellfish to most New Zealander’s and the world over.

Noel had grown up on Greenshell mussels and knew how delicious and healthy they were. In the 1970’s Noel learnt from a marine biologist about the incredible health benefits of the Greenshell mussels and grabbed at the financial opportunity to grow and sell them. There was no easy start to this industry, the Greenshell mussel industry struggled, no one understood the health benefits of this underrated shellfish, someone had to go tell the world about them.

It was Noel who again took the bold and courageous step to move the industry forward. Noel jumped on a plane to America in 1985 and he radically changed the industry for everyone. Noel landed in America and lived on the road for the next 15 years promoting and educating restaurateurs, hotels, cruise lines, and chefs on this incredible gourmet product. Noel single-handedly “main-streamed” mussels and calamari onto the menus of restaurants all across America when no mussels or calamari were found on any menus, and the rest is history. Noel then moved onto Europe in 1994 and did the same. Noel visited over 25,000 restaurants all over the world between 1985 - 2000.

100% Pure from our New Zealand Ocean

World-Famous TURNER®
Whole Shell Mussels

• 100% Natural
• Whole Shell Cooked and Frozen
• Sealed in Ocean Freshness
• Pre-cooked, Ready to Use
• Purely Safe Year-round
• Precise Portion Control
• Superior Meat Yield

World-famous TURNER Mussels are aquacultured in the cool, crystal-clear, unpolluted ocean of New Zealand. They are not farm raised like fish or salmon that need to be fed unnatural substances and that also causes potential destruction to the seabed. TURNER Mussels feed on the oceans natural phytoplankton. We use absolutely no chemicals or additives in the processing of our TURNER Mussels. Guaranteed 100% natural and chemical-free. TURNER Mussel vacuum pouch includes the natural mussel juices, ocean-fresh taste, and quality locked-in. Labor saving convenience allowing quick preparation from pouch to plate. Just heat. Eliminates waste from using “so-called” live mussels. Year-round safe eating from the cool, crsytal-clear, unpolluted ocean of New Zealand. Superior cost control. 100% usability, no shrink, significantly better value and higher customer appeal. Lower prep costs while eliminating customer problems and returns. TURNER Mussels have a significantly higher meat yield compared to blue or black mussels.

Wild-Caught, Chemical-Free,
TURNER® Calamari

• 100% Chemical-Free
• Ocean Freshness
• Naturally Tender
• Delicious Taste
• Superior Quality

We use absolutely no chemicals in the processing of our TURNER Calamari. No chemicals, no enzymes. Guaranteed 100% chemical-free. Lower food cost, no shrink like block-frozen calamari when thawed, and superior higher yields than block-frozen calamari when cooked! We use our proprietary “all natural” process to naturally tenderize our TURNER Calamari. This has significant advantages over all other competitors. Superior quality, superior taste. Greater range of menu applications. You can taste the freshness and natural ocean flavors of our TURNER Calamari. 100% usable, no cleaning required, no shrink, significantly better value and high customer appeal. Lower prep costs while eliminating customer problems and returns. When TURNER Calamari is cooked it doesn't shrink like other calamari and so produces a higher yield than other calamari. This provides improved profits with no loss or unusable product. Easy usability.

Wild-Caught, Chemical-Free,
TURNER® Calamari


Our TURNER Lamb free-range on the wide-open pastures of New Zealand where they enjoy clean water, fresh air, lush green grass as nature intended. 100% free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, simply the best lamb on the planet.

New Zealand Lamb Rack

• 100% Chemical-Free
• Delicious Taste
• Hormone-Free
• Antibiotic-Free
• GMO-Free