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Astaxanthin Power

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  •   6000x Stronger than Vitamin C
  •   800x Stronger than Co-Q10, 550x Stronger than Green Tea
  •   Natural Internal Sunscreen, Protects the Eyes
  •   The Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant on the Planet
  •   Anti-Aging, Eliminates Free Radicals



Proprietary Blend (225mg/capsule) Astaxanthin, Flax Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Kiwifruit Seed Oil, UAF1000+ Superfoods (Pine Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Red Grape Skin Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Blackcurrant Extract, Boysenberry Extract, Fulvic Acid).

The most powerful antioxidant

Astaxanthin supplements have been shown to improve your skin quality, enhance beauty, and increase mental clarity dramatically. Pine bark is the only antioxidant that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and purify the brain. Astaxanthin is 6000x stronger than vitamin C, 800x stronger than Co-Q10, 550x stronger than Green Tea. Great for health, studying, work, or competition.

Improve Nerve Function

Increase Memory

Boost Eye Health

Protects the eyes, natural sunscreen

Astaxanthin goes above and beyond with nine different potent antioxidants working in symphony. This blend of superfoods has nootropic power to focus the mind, induce creativity, limit laziness, and increase attention. Significantly improves vision, supports lower cholesterol, increased energy, decreases brain fog, improves skin texture, improves exposure resistance from the sun and environment, reduces cold symptoms.


Astaxanthin is known as the “King of Antioxidants” because it is the most powerful natural antioxidant on the planet. It promotes quick physical recovery, protects the eyes, fights free radicals, and acts as an internal sunscreen. It is 6000x more effective than Vitamin C, 800x stronger than Co-Q10, 550x stronger than Green Tea, 100x more powerful than Vitamin E, and 5x more powerful than Beta Carotene in trapping energy from singlet oxygen. Astaxanthin boasts antioxidant properties and broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory activity offering support in areas ranging from endurance to recovery. Research has shown astaxanthin’s health benefits to heart, skin, brain, immune, cognitive and eye health, all of which are common aging aliments. Studies demonstrated astaxanthin helped balance the immune system and helped suppress overactive immune responses that can create inflammation. Free-radicals cause DNA damage and mutation which can lead to premature cell death and cancer. Immune cells in particular are highly exposed and vulnerable to free-radicals. Clinical studies have shown that astaxanthin can reduce DNA damage caused by oxidation and free-radicals and contribute to better functioning of the immune system. Natural astaxanthin promotes mitochondrial biogenesis. Two published studies have shown astaxanthin consumption leads to higher levels of PGC-1α in their skeletal muscles. PGC-1α triggers mitochondrial biogenesis. The more mitochondria your body produces, the more energy it can produce, and the more your body has the energy to function optimally.

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Astaxanthin Power

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Vajon K.
Hungary Hungary

I can't wait for get my second bottle of Astaxanthin.