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1000x More Anti-inflammatory’s

Scientific studies* have shown Noel Turner’s Seven Sacred Superfoods UAF1000+® Super Antioxidant to be 1000 percent more effective at both preventative and therapeutic anti-inflammatory activity compared to other multifloral manuka honey from New Zealand. We blend these powerful antioxidant superfoods with certified multifloral manuka honey to create the strongest anti-inflammatory superfood supplement.

* Independent laboratory testing and validation by Trinity Bioactives Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand 2021. - Data on file.

Certified New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey

Our authentic multifloral manuka honey from New Zealand is tested and certified by a third-party independent laboratory to meet New Zealand MPI Multifloral Manuka Honey regulations and is tested and packed in New Zealand to guarantee its integrity and authenticity.


Certified Raw New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey (98%) with Proprietary UAF1000+® Blackcurrant Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Boysenberry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Red Grape Skin Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Fulvic Acid.

How to Use

Enjoy 1 teaspoon of TURNER Raw Multifloral Manuka Honey UAF1000+® daily or mix into your favorite tea for a natural sweetener or spread liberally topically as a wound remedy over rashes, bug bites, and scrapes.