The Important Role of TURNER Calcium Plus Capsules in Aging

As we age, our body starts to decline. It starts needing extra support and supplementation to perform at its best. One of the most essential things about relying on supplements is understanding their role and what they are best used for in modern diets.

Why is calcium so essential in our diets?

According to Calcium Supplementation in Clinical Practice: A Review of Forms, Doses, and Indications [1], most do not meet the proper requirement for calcium or vitamin D. Since both are required for bone strength, it means that we immediately weaken our body’s literal core structure. With a shortfall of calcium, our aging bodies start to suffer prematurely from age-related complications or weaknesses. According to Calcium and the aging nervous system [2], those who are deficient in calcium will be more at risk of deficiencies both physiologically and behavior-wise.

Whether we are young or aging, the best calcium tablets for bones from TURNER can significantly differ in our overall quality of life. The goal is to understand why exactly it’s needed and now to get it.

How are calcium supplements helpful as we age?

Having strong bones and joints is helpful throughout life, and as we age, and rely on that strength more. Requiring more on our reserves as natural levels start to go down, proper intake of calcium is vital for cardiovascular health and muscle mass, bone density, and joint mobility.

According to The Role of Calcium in Human Aging [3], at-risk populations are often required to keep deficiencies at bay, including age-related complications such as fractures, osteoporosis, and joint pain.

Supplements need to focus on the correct details

Calcium on its own is adequate, but blending it with Vitamin D will help reduce the fracture risk, according to The role of calcium supplementation in healthy musculoskeletal ageing [4]. Not all calcium supplements take this approach, though, focusing instead on the sheer power of calcium on itself.

This is where TURNER Calcium Plus capsules come in. Providing, amongst others, phosphorus, vitamin K2, and vitamin D3 on top of its fishbone calcium source, this dedicated supplement is going to offer a complete spectrum approach to giving your body what it needs.

Inspired by founder Noel Turner, who has always been passionate about the power of nutrition in the world around us, TURNER is a brand that is driven by the same goals. By educating customers on the true potential of the earth’s ability to heal us, every product is wholly focused on easing, strengthening, and healing the body. Taking over the world by proving that there is a natural, positive, and safe way to help you become your best, TURNER remains true to its roots.

There is no such thing as starting too early. If you want to help keep your bone density, muscle, and joint strength as strong as possible, a focus on the suitable calcium capsule is going to go a long way. Now that you have all of the details you need to know about calcium’s potential, the goal now becomes getting the right match for your lifestyle!


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