Thompson 105

Woodfired Grill • Cocktails

Rick Federico

Nestled directly adjacent to Thompson Peak in the McDowell Mountain neighborhood sits THOMPSON 105, where the philosophy that food tastes better outside in nature is fully respected.

TURNER® Calamari


Featuring a wood fired rotisserie and grill, our cuisine is Italian influenced and prepared with locally sourced produce and the freshest meats and seafood. Join us for an unforgettable indoor or outdoor dining experience with fabulous views of the McDowell Mountains coupled with local craft beer, hand crafted cocktails and a curated wine list.

World-Famous, Aquacultured-Wild™, Super-Fresh TURNER® Whole Shell Mussels

The McDowell Mountains provide the ultimate breath-taking backdrop, connecting guests to the grandeur of the surrounding scenery. The line between outdoors and indoors disappears with abundant windows and a large, decorative open patio effectively bringing the outdoors indoors, transforming casual dining into an incredibly rich, lived experience.

Deep-sea, wild-caught, ocean-fresh, chemical-free TURNER New Zealand Calamari


Thompson 105


10401 E McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd. Suite 160
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

+1 480 612 9400