Louie's Backyard

Revered, longtime eatery offering Caribbean-American cuisine,
ocean views & a wine bar.

Louie’s Backyard, Key West

“Oh, if only for a backyard as beautiful as the spectacular oceanfront setting offered by this Caribbean-American restaurant, Key West’s Most Popular destination, where you can dine on incredible cuisine served by a professional staff on either the fabulous multilevel deck or in the elegant dining room; it’s many folks’ idea of heaven…” – Zagat 

Each dish at Louie’s is prepared to order, with care and respect to each ingredient. Our seafood influence is on “hooked” local fish: grouper, hogfish, snapper, and swordfish. Our Key West “pinks” come from the local shrimp fleets. And at Louie’s, your Florida Keys lobster was caught yesterday. Louie’s also features fine steaks, heirloom pork, double lamb chops and free-range chicken.

Our commitment to quality is met in part by local growers of fruits and vegetables. Island Farms grows produce specifically for Louie’s: beautiful lettuce, fragrant herbs, oriental greens, tomatoes, and edible flowers. And the inimitable Mr. Wong provides us with extraordinary fresh fruits: lychee, starfruit, mango, papaya, guava, to name just a few. All are hand-selected and delivered within hours of picking.

Our Chef

Doug Shook has been the unseen genius behind Louie’s cuisine for 30 years, drawing on culinary influences from around the world. Doug’s relentless commitment to quality and his endless experimentation and exploration of tastes result in four to five menu changes each year. He is an artist; Whether it’s finding the perfect amount of calamondin juice to brighten the flavor of a yellowtail snapper or the creation of a new oriental salad, his skills are Louie’s palette; your table is his canvas.


Louie's Backyard


700 Waddell Ave

Key West
FL 33040, United States