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Multifloral Manuka Honey UAF1000+

1 review
  •   Premium Pure Raw New Zealand Wild Honey
  •   7 Anti-Microbial Plant & Mineral Bioactives
  •   “The Ultimate Antioxidant Factor 1000"
  •   Promotes Oral & Digestive Health



Certified Raw New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey (98%) with Proprietary UAF1000+ Blackcurrant Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Boysenberry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Red Grape Skin Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Fulvic Acid.


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1000x More Anti-inflammatory’s

Scientific studies have shown Noel Turner’s UAF1000+ to be 1000 percent more effective at both preventative and therapeutic anti-inflammatory activity compared to other New Zealand multifloral manuka honey. We blend these powerful antioxidant superfoods with certified multifloral manuka honey to create the strongest anti-inflammatory superfood supplement.

Boost Oral Health

Aid Digestive Health

Unique Floral Flavor

Certified New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey

Our authentic New Zealand multifloral manuka honey is tested and certified by a third-party independent laboratory to meet New Zealand MPI Multifloral Manuka Honey regulations and is tested and packed in New Zealand to guarantee its integrity and authenticity.

How to Use

Enjoy 1 teaspoon of TURNER Multifloral Manuka Honey UAF1000+ daily or mix into your favorite tea for a natural sweetener or spread liberally topically as a wound remedy over rashes, bug bites, and scrapes.

Multifloral Manuka Honey UAF1000+



TURNER Multilforal Manuka Honey UAF1000+

  • What makes TURNER Wildflower Honey UAF1000+ so special and unique?

    TURNER Wildflower Honey UAF1000+ has been certified as a "multifloral Manuka honey." Our TURNER Wildflower Honey UAF1000+ is harvested, bottled, packaged, and certified in New Zealand, which guarantees that it is genuine pure New Zealand wildflower honey. This is very important for our customers to know, as many honeys that are not packaged in New Zealand are often just concoctions from different countries and do not meet expectations in terms of quality. Our honey is not overheated or pasteurized, is 100% natural, and is produced in a carbon-neutral way. Usually, wildflower honey is relatively liquid, but the combination with the plant extracts UAF1000+ gives TURNER wildflower honey a relatively thick consistency and a sweet, flowery, but also slightly tart taste.

  • What is real wildflower honey, and how is it made?

    To obtain true wildflower honey, hives are placed close to wildflower meadows in full bloom, away from typical agricultural landscapes and non-domesticated crops. The bees fly to the flowers in the close vicinity of the hive to harvest the nectar from this diverse plant life for true wildflower honey. Wildflowers are plants that grow in a natural environment not influenced by humans. And this is usually where the difficulty of wildflower honey begins. Humans have altered large landscapes and made them usable through agriculture, so the occurrence of true wildflower honey has become rather rare. However, it is different in New Zealand, where there are vast areas of untouched nature.

  • Why is TURNER wildflower honey also multifloral Manuka honey?

    Because the Manuka tree is also one of the wild plants in New Zealand, Manuka honey can also be proportionately present in wildflower honey. TURNER Wildflower Honey UAF1000+ has been certified in New Zealand as multifloral Manuka Honey, which means that TURNER Wildflower Honey also has a measurable proportion of Manuka Honey. The methylglyoxal value (MGO value) for tested multifloral manuka honey is between 40 and 100.

  • What is the difference between monofloral and multiforal Manuka honey?

    Manuka honey can only be called "Manuka honey" if it is "monofloral," meaning most of the honey comes from the Manuka flower. On the other hand, honey labeled "multifloral Manuka honey" comes primarily from other flowers but contains a proportionate amount of Manuka honey. For our TURNER Wildflower Honey UAF1000+, we use multifloral manuka honey enhanced with Noel Turner's UAF1000+ plant extract blend.

  • What does UAF1000+ mean?

    UAF1000+ means "Ultimate Antioxidant Factor 1000+" and refers to the extra potent plant extracts that are part of Noel Turner's unique formulation. This powerful prebiotic, antioxidant "superfood blend" consists of extracts of blackcurrant, kiwi, boysenberry, grape seed, red grape skin, and pine bark, with which we fortify our wildflower honey or multifloral manuka honey. The result is a wildflower honey pot packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Our TURNER wildflower honey is a valuable nutritional supplement due to the UAF1000+ plant extract enhancement.

    We recommend that you keep a pot of TURNER Wildflower Honey UAF1000+ handy for your daily spoonful of this genuinely remarkable superfood, which can provide immune-boosting support as a dietary supplement, especially during the winter season!

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Cynthia L.
United States United States
Amazing Texture and Taste

I was blown away by this honey! The texture is more dense than the traditional honey I'm used to, but velvety and so delicious. I think this is a really great product to keep stocked in your kitchen since it's not too much more expensive than your store bought honey, but has many more health benefits.

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