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Your Natural Energy Booster: Probiotic and Prebiotic Capsules

When we’re feeling down, the first impulse is to grab a sugary snack or a cup of coffee, right? Sure, it seems like the most logical thing. But, you could look at making a small adjustment to your diet and enjoy a natural, crash-free boost in energy! No more afternoon crashes or crankiness! It’s all about your gut and its absorption. Yes, really.


How do probiotics boost energy?

Maybe supplements aren’t exactly your thing but you like the idea of a prebiotic & probiotic capsule that can easily integrate into your smoothie or breakfast shake. You’ll experience a great energy boost specifically linked to its core focus on gut-helping probiotics! Take a look at just how your body will be better off for energy.  


A malnourished body is a tired body

A body can’t function properly if it doesn’t get its nutrients and vitamins, right? This is why eating a proper, healthy diet is so important. When our body isn’t getting the right nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, its organs can’t function efficiently and our body slows down in general, making it difficult to even feel energised at all without those sugary sources. 


The thing is, the problem isn’t the sugar or lack thereof. It’s that your body isn’t getting the core nutrients that it relies on to keep itself ticking along properly to make you feel at your best. Pretty logical, right? But how do you make sure that your body is getting what it needs?


 It starts with a proper diet with plenty of fruits, veg, etc. You know the drill. That being said, actually prioritising your diet and eating and/or drinking it is only going to be half the equation...


Probiotics help you absorb them from your food

Your healthy food is loaded with exactly what the body needs for vitamins and nutrients, and when you’re “arming” your body with proper receptors, they’ll go to good use. That’s the role probiotics take on -- soldiers!  


Probiotics are responsible for developing a healthy and happy gut that has good bacteria that will break down food and analyse what the body needs most. Think of it as dedicated “security guards” for your food. It helps the body process and absorbs what it needs from your food so that your body’s natural mineral, vitamin and nutrient stores will be refilled from the food that you’re eating.


When we don’t have probiotics working for us, a lot of those excellent, vital nutrients are simply passing through your system and exiting without the body absorbing them. That’s part of why you always hear nutritional experts talking about the importance of gut health.


Gut health offers you vitamin B for natural energy

Another detail is that when your body’s gut is working properly, it’s going to produce extra vitamin b, and this is often referred to as, you guessed it, the energy vitamin! Not only will probiotics give your body excellent nutrient and mineral absorption, but its “byproduct” is vitamin B, and you’ll enjoy a natural, wholesome boost in energy that you’ll love to use for your daily life!

 TURNER Probiotic Prebiotic


The right source makes the difference

Probiotics are great, but you also need to make sure they are properly sourced to work their wonders. Adding the best organic prebiotics and probiotics to your breakfast shake can be helpful because it makes supplements easy and it also offers probiotics their food source (aka prebiotics) -- all leading to the best care and boost for your body with minimal inconvenience. You could go with a simple probiotic, but it won’t be as effective for your body’s energy stores. Choose your source carefully.

There are so many good reasons to offer your body probiotics, but a natural energy boost is most often the favorite and first-felt benefit! Whether you want to invest in it for this actual boost, or nutrient absorption on top of the boost in energy, it’s all waiting for you with the focus and dedication that you and your body deserve!